June 5, 2024

The Jesus Lizard - "Hide & Seek"

The Jesus Lizard have announced their first album in 26 years and shared the lead single, "Hide & Seek."

The iconic noise-rock group The Jesus Lizard owe us nothing. Their discography is a killer set of blistering, furious guitar work that shaped and influenced a lot of current bands and a lot of their best work was recorded by the late Steve Albini. Well, after reuniting back in 2009 and again in 2017, the band have decided to keep things going and are set to add yet another record to their glorious catalogue. Rack, the follow-up to 1998'2 Blue, will be released later this year and today we've been gifted with the lead single "Hide & Seek." Rapid-fire riffs get things going over a steady beat that that blasts into solid grooves at crucial moments while David Yow's vocals add some more bruising textures. There's that metallic guitar tone that has always felt like a primary component of the band's sound as well and none of it has dulled over time. In fact, nothing about the songs feels contrived or forced, not a guarantee when talking about reunited bands, but rather like a natural progression of a band that has matured and recentered as they've reformed. "We literally only made the record because we thought it would be fun to make the record," bassist David Wm. Sims explained. Drummer Mac McNeilly said, "We are bonded by the music we make, and also by the respect we have for each other."

Rack is out September 13

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