June 20, 2024

Chime School - "Give Your Heart Away"

San Francisco's Chime School have announced a new album and shared the balmy new single, "Give Your Heart Away."

The ever-prolific Bay Area jangle-pop scene really seems to be operating at an all-time high with a plethora of new music bursting out of the region over the past few years. Today, Chime School keep the momentum going with the announcement of their sophomore record, The Boy Who Ran the Paisley Hotel, and latest single "Give Your Heart Away." From the record's press release, "'Give Your Heart Away' shows off Alex Pastalaniec's evolution as a songwriter, gracefully moving beyond the confines of beloved records that have come before, and then stepping out and making his own." It's yet another bright, paisley-pop tune that's enriched with bubbling guitar work and breezy melodies making it a natural hit for the warm days ahead. Fluttering vocals and jubilant grooves give the song its blissful qualities and help recall other familiar sounds from quintessential jangle-pop and Laurel Canyon-style vibes which adds to the timeless nature of the track. 

The Boy Who Ran the Paisley Hotel is out August 23.

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