June 30, 2024

Jessie Ware / Romy - "Lift You Up"

On the Saturday night of this year's Glastonbury, Jessie Ware and Romy linked-up to premier their new song "Lift You Up." The studio version is out now!

It feels special that Pride month is ending with an instant-classic and banging collaboration from disco/dance icons Jessie Ware and Romy. Just as the celebration seemed ready to close out, these two jump on a track that keeps us all moving on with it's '90s techno and house vibrations that ignite with neon-plastered jams and ridiculous rhythms. It's an all-out dance floor hit that hits with a euphoric burst of dazzling synths and electronic beats that launch towards the stratosphere. As the two join on vocals and trade verses, calling each other out by name, the shimmering melodies bring forth an explicit joy, a magical feeling that will only be enhanced when the DJ drops this in the middle of a party and you're able to dance with your closest people to a song about surrounding yourself with the best. Get ready to party with your found family, Jessie and Romy are ready to help you create that moment and live it up again and again. 

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