May 30, 2024

Nourished by Time - "I Guess I Got My Answer"

Nourished by Time has shared another new track following this year's Catching Chickens EP.

After releasing the awesome album Erotic Probiotic 2 last year, Marcus Brown, best known by his stage name Nourished by Time, dropped a great EP earlier in 2024, and now, he's returned with a new song called "I Guess I Got My Answer" which is set to appear on Scenic Route – Road Less Travelled Vol. 2, a forthcoming compilation from the London label Scenic Route. The track features the usual nostalgic trip of '90s R&B vibes that Nourished by Time hones in on so well, with glistening 808 keys and moody beats that make it sound both retro and refreshingly new at the same time. There's a slow jam style to it and his vocals melt over the sultry grooves making for a smooth sound that comes across as deep and intimate. Added textures of him scribbling in a notebook give the song a raw feeling even as the production floats with a subtle shine. While this one doesn't hit with the same force as some of his other bangers, it shows off a more relaxed tone and offers another side to his artistic palette while still keeping focus of what's made him so exciting over the past year. The hot streak continues.

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