June 6, 2024

Soccer Mommy - "Lost"

Soccer Mommy has returned with a new song called "Lost."

At a recent show in New York City, Sophie Allison, best known under her stage name Soccer Mommy, debuted new songs in an intimate, solo setting. Today, she's shared the studio version of the song "Lost" which was premiered at that show and it's her first new song since her very good album from 2022, Sometimes Forever. "Lost" is a mellow, breezy tune that reveals a more intimate side of Soccer Mommy that steers away from the more experimental and alt-rock sounds we've come to expect from the band. "'Lost' feels like something new and something old at the same time," Allison said when speaking about the song. "It's a song that's full of reflection and I wanted its production to really capture that feeling. I'm happy to have a chance to play it at these more intimate solo shows, because I think it really shines in that setting." The additional strings and delicate, subtle percussion also provide the track with a lush sound as it hones in on those contemplative thoughts. 

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