June 24, 2024

MJ Lenderman - "She's Leaving You"

Guitar wonder MJ Lenderman has announced his fourth solo album, Manning Fireworks, will be out in the fall and shared a new song, "She's Leaving You."

What a time it's been, lately, for MJ Lenderman. In the past few years, he's released excellent music on his own via 2022's fantastic Boat Songs and last year's great live album And The Wind (Live and Loose), with his band Wednesday on 2023's incredible Rat Saw God, and earlier this year he jumped on Waxahatchee's song of the year contender "Right Back to It." Today, Lenderman continues his hot streak by announcing a new record and sharing the melting new song "She's Leaving You." As you've probably come to expect, the track saddles the '90s alt-country and indie rock scenes with a heavy dose of Crazy Horse indebted guitar coated on top all in his usual slacker comfort zone. I will admit though that calling this guy a slacker doesn't really seem all that fair given everything I just wrote. So, while the tune itself might embody that slow drawl, the fuzzed-out overtones and soaring chorus really gives it some glorious depth. He's got some choice for this one as well, calling out things like he sees them even when it might not be so obvious to others. "You can put on your clothes back, she's leaving you" he prominently proclaims at the start of the track before making the dig that if you're in this stage of denial, you probably also are feeling some of the other middle-age tropes like renting a cool car to seem hip or that for whatever reason you think Eric Clapton is still the second-coming. "We all got work to do" he surmises by the end. Things happen, it's about how you pick it up the next day and keep on going.

Manning Fireworks is out September 6.

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