September 13, 2023

Yumi Zouma - "KPR"

Yumi Zouma are back with their first new song of 2023, "KPR."

The last record from Yumi Zouma just came out in 2022, but today the band shared a new single called "KPR" and have said that it's part of an upcoming EP (more info on that, hopefully, coming soon). Like their previous releases, this track follows their bubbly pop aesthetics down a familiar path, but with more of a twist and flair for fuzzy guitars, a step away from their shimmery, synth past. That's not to say this song is an entirely new direction for the group, the vocal melodies are still sugary sweet and their grooves are still light as a feather, airy, but shining with that special sparkle. There is a forcefulness to this one, however, and it adds charged-up guitar bursts and a rather propulsive drum beat that give it extra texture in addition to their typical glossy sheen. Dreamy vocals are also a prime ingredient in the band's sound and Christie Simpson continues to bring the charm on this new one, adding fluttering detail amongst the guitar solos. Even with four full-lengths, a few EPs, and some rather stunning singles, Yumi Zouma still are a rather slept on band and as great as this new song is, I'm not sure it's the one that will finally help them break through to a large audience. For those in the know, however, it's another gem from an underrated band that you can still call your own.

"KPR" is out now.

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