September 26, 2023

Armand Hammer - "The Gods Must Be Crazy"

On Friday, Armand Hammer will release their new album We Buy Diabetic Test Strips and today they've shared a final single ahead of the record, the EL-P produced "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

EL-P has been incredibly busy over the past decade as one half of Run the Jewels where he's traded verses with Killer Mike while also producing the duo's work. It's been such an incredible run that it's hard to believe EL has found time to make beats for other artists, let alone Armand Hammer, two of the other busiest dudes in hip hop. The news that EL-P would once again work with billy woods in any capacity was already exciting enough, but within the first few seconds of the latest Armand Hammer track, "The Gods Must Be Crazy," the excitement unravels into pure elation. When commenting on the song, EL said that “woods and ELUCID have something special going and I am happy we got together on this jam. I think we made a banger.” A banger it is indeed as the robust beats ease some of the more brutalist beats the rap duo usually compile for their albums which gives this track a newfound energy and also proves how much EL has to offer outside of his main project. This is one of the most energized tracks we've heard from the duo (both together and as solo artists) in quite some time and it's a refreshing reminder that when they want to bring the heat, they bring it with a scorching intensity. It's a divine statement from some of the best from the underground coming up to go hard with full-throttle brilliance. 

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips is out Friday September 29.

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