September 19, 2023

Bar Italia - "my little tony"

Months after releasing their debut full-length, Bar Italia have announced its follow-up, The Twits, and shared the new song, "my little tony."

What a year it's been for Bar Italia. After picking up steam for their live shows the band signed with indie icons Matador for their debut record, Tracey Denim. It's already been established as not only one of the best debut albums of the year, but one of the best overall. Often, a band can spend a lot of time touring and promoting their first record which allows for a lot of hype to build for their sophomore effort. Bar Italia have bucked the trend and announced their second album will be out in two months and dropped the lead single, "my little tony," as well. Two albums in one year is a pretty big accomplishment for any band, but releasing your first two records in the same year is almost unheard of these days. The new single also suggests that the band really have found their rhythm and "my little tony" is a richly textured jam that still hits hard on their post-punk aesthetic, but rounds out their sound with a fuller effect. A thick buzz encompasses the track while their prominent, jagged bass line still hits like sharp wires. Given the expedited speed at which the albums has appeared, it's no surprise that this isn't a huge change from what we've heard so far from the band, but rather suggests the band knows to strike while the iron is hot. They've clearly found the sound that works for them and wasted no time committing these songs to tape as to not lose any of the hype they've so carefully been crafting over the past year.

The Twits is out November 3.

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