September 8, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo - "get him back!"

Olivia Rodrigo's sophomore album GUTS is here and "get him back!" is the record's best take on getting that sweet, sweet revenge.

Piano ballad? Check. Alt-rock banger? No problem. A rap-rock triumph? Yep, add that to the list too. Is there anything Olivia Rodrigo can't do? Probably, but writing a killer song about getting back at the person who broke your heart is still her strength and "get him back!" turns sweet revenge into the ultimate satisfaction. The hype to follow-up a critically acclaimed blockbuster debut is no easy task, but on GUTS Olivia sure does make it seem easy and while there's a plethora of euphoria inducing jams on the record, "get him back!" is a clear standout as a song that captures her past glory in a perfect carbon copy while still doing enough to make it sound fresh and distinct. She's entered her new era and is as motivated as ever to stake her claim on owning her own heartbreak shouldering as much of the blame as she puts onto others while still making sure she gets the final word. Things start off almost comical with someone asking "is this the song with the drums?" before a deliciously sweet hook arrives that slowly swells into a mega-chorus that is begging fans to shout it from the rafters. A thick bass and synth grab hold while a raging beat anchors the groove. The chorus is finds her in prime form seesawing between emotions and thoughts as she declares "I want to get him back" and uses the double entendre of missing him while also pursuing revenge with total perfection. It's a feeling so many of us know all too well. Whether you've dated someone your friends hate or you yourself hate the partner of your best friend, it's a shitty situation and it's difficult to navigate no matter what stage of life you're currently living. No one wants to disappoint their friends, but sometimes convincing yourself that your relationship needs to end is harder than dealing with the disappointment. Olivia calls that out time and time again during the track. "I wanna key his car / I wanna make him lunch" and "I wanna break his heart / Stitch it right back up" are the prime examples that highlight the inner turmoil that comes with milling over the decision of a break-up, but ultimately she knows the right thing to do and she decides that she wants to meet his mom just to tell her that her son sucks (brilliant!). As the song rises to its full emotional peak, everything is stripped back until we're left with a lofty acoustic-guitar driven refrain that hits with colossal force and immediately reminds you of the hallmark from a '90s or early 2000s banger, something Olivia can recreate better than anyone, leaving you with the ultimate rush before it picks back up for the grand finale. Getting over an ex isn't easy and the turmoil of the emotions can be over-encompassing. Ultimately, she comes to the realization that listening to your guts is the right call (ha) and your friends sometimes know what's best. She got him good indeed. 

GUTS is out now.

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