September 22, 2023

Chappell Roan - "Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl"

The debut album from Chappell Roan, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, is finally here and "Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl" is its shining centerpiece. 

It feels far too common these days for an album's rollout to dilute the hype of the record when the band or artist drops what feels like the lion's share of the songs ahead of the release. In the case of Chappell Roan, the artist has been slowly releasing singles for over two years ahead of her debut and now that the album has finally arrived, more than half of it is comprised of songs we've already heard and while a lot of the songs are great and flow particularly well in a long-playing format, it still deflates the release a bit. Despite this, the songs we haven't heard still capture the same funky, disco pop that the early singles displayed with confidence and at the center of the record comes the song "Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl," the glowing connection that binds the album together. Chunky, yet funky bass cuts a solid groove on this number and Chappell lets her vocals soar to impressive heights. The synths are glossy, the beats indestructible, and it hits with a sparkling disco punch, like getting slapped after a shot of tequila making you feel alive and invincible, ready to conquer the dance floor, and take no prisoners. When the song hits hyper drive, it becomes electric and a frenzied experience of flashy, propulsive beats that throb with purpose and intensity climaxing with a dizzying euphoria of maxed out bliss. It's a floor pounding sensation, one that begs you to let loose and get lost to the rhythm. When it seems like all the best tracks are the ones used for singles, an album can lose its sparkle, but Chappell kept this one in her back pocket letting it get unearthed like a glistening gem.

The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is out now!

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