October 26, 2021

The War on Drugs - "Change"

The War on Drugs will release their new album I Don't Live Here Anymore this coming Friday and today they've shared one last single before it drops.

"Change" might be a funny name for a song from a band that has hardly done anything to change up their sound over time. Luckily for the War on Drugs, that's a compliment. "Change" is another soaring rock track that adds subtle acoustic shimmers under glistening electric textures. There is the staple piano chords and the heartland synth that you'd expect as well. We kick things off with a kaleidoscopic guitar riff that exudes wonderful color and help to paint the picture the band has already conjured up many times before, but one that still feels unique and new. There's the steady beat as well that helps keep the song's groove firmly in place too. However, even for a band that has crafted gorgeous songs that always feel like you'd expect, there are small twists that keep us on our feet. Moments where Adam Granduciel seems to have so much to say he almost trips over his words in order to get out all of his thoughts. The song expands in its climax as well, kicking the door open and letting these lush sounds run wild. Yes, change might not be the word you'd use to describe how the band's sound has shifted with each new record and it's clear that may haunt them a bit as well. “There are so many ways/ Our love could make it through/ But it’s so damn hard to make the change” Granduciel remarks and it's clear that this applies to his band as well. Self realization is no easy task and on "Change," The War on Drugs make it seem so easy.

I Don't Live Here Anymore is out October 29 via Atlantic.

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