October 6, 2021

Big Thief - "Change"

"Change" is another wonderful new song from Big Thief, a band that cannot be stopped.

There are many great artists whose catalogue can be divided into the slow songs vs the fast ones, the loud vs the quiet, the acoustic vs the electric. Neil Young, Yo La Tengo, Zeppelin, they all fit the bill and it's a sure fire way to start your climb to legendary status. Big Thief look to be eyeing a similar kind of trajectory. In 2019, they delivered U.F.O.F and Two Hands, two complimentary records that found the first embracing their more intimate, folk-stylings, and the second turning things up towards 11. This year, they've released four singles and have now announced a double album slated for early 2022 (although I have no idea what a double album could even mean these days as most new albums come on two vinyl discs regardless of run time and both Drake and Kanye released albums stretching near two hours, but neither of those were called "double albums"). Today's single, "Change," falls into the softer, acoustic camp. It's a steady track that feels like a slow-motion dream as easy guitar strums are anchored with a basic snare and bass drum beat as Adrienne Lenker's quaking voice carries us forward. Eventually, other voices join hers, wrapping the song like a warm blanket. The range of the band feels incredible and as if they're on the verge of becoming something rather exceptional. The dexterity continues to impress and it feels like each new song unveils yet another layer of the group and their songwriting process. It's unclear if any of these singles will appear on the next album, but one thing is for sure: Big Thief continue to operate on a level all their own and "Change" is just another example of their remarkable growth.

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