October 5, 2021

Magdelena Bay - "Hysterical Us"

On Friday, Magdelena Bay will release their debut album Mercurial World and today they've shared one last single ahead of the release.

Following the illustrious "Chaeri" which took on some balearic-pop twinkles and the hyper-pop styles of "You Lose!," Magdelena Bay continue to push their sounds into genre-bending territory. Joined by a funky bass-line and some retro whispers of disco, "Hysterical Us" is another glowing track from this duo that hints at their unique take on pop music. There are some lite tones on here that lean towards some gleaming, ABBA-esque moments that also recall the breeziness and pastels of '70s yacht-rock, but through a unique lens. There are elements of City Pop, chillwave, and vaporwave all over these songs, all strung together through a buzzing vibe of shimmering, futuristic pop set to redefine what a banger could be.

Mercurial World is out Friday, October 8, via Luminelle.

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