October 23, 2021

Cassandra Jenkins played Bowery Ballroom

In support of her stunning album An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, Cassandra Jenkins played a headlining show at Bowery Ballroom.

With a background that emulated a moving version of her album cover, Cassandra Jenkins graced the stage for an intimate and moving performance that brought to life her wonderfully crafted songs. Breathing life into your craft isn't always easy and many times recorded music doesn't translate to the stage with the same passion and heartfelt emotions. This is not the case for Cassandra. Each of her songs were meditative and majestic. Her voice, angelic and pure. Each note struck a chord and her backing band rose to the occasion. "Michaelangelo" was the first song of the night to receive an overwhelming response and gave way to the deepest guitar shreds of the evening, her band coming into its own here with absolute perfection. In true genius mode, everything that came after felt equally monumental. Her songs are real life tellings of heartbreak and the prevailing events that happen during recovery. They're honest and deep, each one showcasing true vulnerability that makes Jenkins an artist in true form. Having the courage and ability to make it through each show must take a toll, but Jenkins delivers a masterclass in performance that is not only an ascension into the cosmos, but a glimpse into euphoria. "Crosshairs" was another tingling moment of absolute joy that felt alive with passion and again reflected the sensational spirit and rhythm the group harnessed for the evening. During "Ambiguous Norway," two saxophone players appeared on the balcony of the venue and with one on each side, in addition to the one on stage, the audience was surrounded by sound. Basking in a warmth of evocative tones, the experience was chilling and transformative. The two on opposing sides called out to each other with a free spirited ring that was anchored by the player on stage. All three together brought forth a remarkable feeling of weightlessness and in that moment, it felt truly sublime. Wrapped in the glow of these stunning musicians, it was a transcendent moment that seemed to sparkle with each note. Flashes of spiritual jazz echoed throughout the room and for a second it seemed as if everyone (including the rest of the band) was hypnotized by this incredible movement. Brilliantly, it transitioned into "Hard Drive" and the night hit its emotional peak. Jenkins' spoken word triumph felt extra special with a full live band behind her and as she entered the rapturous song, it was clear the audience had fallen under her magical spell. As she began to count and lead us on a journey towards healing, everyone gave in to her remarkable beauty and charm, transfixed by her every word. Under her guidance, we were lead through the brilliant song and I truly believe we emerged on the other side totally healed by Cassandra's mystical powers. For the duration of the show, time felt suspended and the audience was whisked away to another astral plane where worries were cleansed by Jenkin's charisma and elegance. It was a solid reminder of just how spellbinding music can be and in the case of Cassandra Jenkins, it doesn't get much better than this. The night was nirvana in its truest form. A phenomenon of its own and something never to be forgotten.

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