October 8, 2021

Jungle played Avant Gardner

In support of their third, and best, album, Jungle brought the grooves to Brooklyn's Avant Gardner on the first of three nights.

When you're an electronic act and you name your group after a dance genre, you kinda set certain expectations. Jungle, however, sounds nothing like Jungle music. Over the course of three albums, the duo has locked in their style of light synths, crisp snare hits, groovy basslines, and falsetto choruses that are almost impossible for any fan to actually sing along to, not that it stops anyone from trying. Opening the set with two of the best off this year's Loving In Stereo, Jungle brought lavish disco vibes to a packed Avant Gardner and gave way to feelings of old New York. The venue is situated in industrial Bushwick and the giant warehouse makes for a phenomenal space to let loose and recalls the '80s era SoHo vibes that were the foundation of the city's bustling disco scene. Jungle made sure to bring those feelings to life as they let their slinky jams pulse throughout the club with the assistance of a five-piece backing band. Jungle make disco music, but without feeling irreverent or nostalgic-driven, they take the best of what is going on around them in music and infuse it with the past to present a show that feels familiar, but still fresh. Even if you're not a fan of the band, it's hard to imagine anyone not being able to dance along to these sweet tunes that sparkle with earnest charm. Bringing everything from glistening synths to airy flutes and precision drumming, the band was in full force and it was clear how much they were really enjoying the night as well. "Let's Talk About It" got things off to an illustrious start and "Keep Moving" assured that the crowd would do just that. Everything here felt perfectly in place, there were no exaggerated solos and no spotlight stealing moments, just a band hitting a solid groove and an audience falling in love with every beat. Encased in what appeared to be LED sticks that flashed along to the music turned out to be just one full screen behind the band and once the show hit its peak, the lights took over and the party climaxed. The combination of smoke and such distinct colors and visuals elevated the performance to a new height and brought the sensation to the floor. If only the groove could've kept moving and grooving all night.

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