February 17, 2021

serpentwithfeet - "Same Size Shoe"

serpentwithfeet will release his new record, DEACON, on March 26 and has shared another single from the album.

"Same Size Shoe" is a light, breezy track that croons with excellence. Its simplicity is its strength here as subtle beats really allow for the beautiful vocals to soar and take the center spotlight. The minimal elements still spark an infectious groove and it's hard to not bob your head to the rhythm. “​I originally approached this project wanting to make something that felt very sensuous,” serpentwithfeet said in a statement. “Something a lot softer, a lot more gentle than my previous work.”​ He added, “​I wanted to create something that felt calm and restrained. This was my way of tapping into the energy many deacons possess.” The lyrics explore romantic relationships and it comes off as a wondrous ode to romance. “​I​ ​prefer to date and love on Black men,” serpentwithfeet said in a statement. “I don’t want to be with anyone who can’t go to my barber or walk a mile in my shoes​.” It's an airy melody and the hook "me and my boo wear the same size shoe" is bound to get stuck in your head.

DEACON is out March 26.

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