February 12, 2021

Mogwai - "Pat Stains" (ft. Colin Stetson)

Next week, Mogwai will release their new record As The Love Continues. Today, they've shared another track from the album and this one features Colin Stetson on saxophone.

As I've recently commented, the new tracks and upcoming album from post-rock greats Mogwai aren't likely to win the band any new fans or introduce anyone to their game of quiet/soft guitar twinkling to thunderous eruptions of sound, but they continue to prove that they're true masters of their craft. "Pat Stains" pushes close to the seven-minute mark, nothing new for this band, and once again finds them honing in on exactly what they do best. This one starts off with some elegant and lush guitars until just around the half-way mark when they begin to hit the throttle and really take off. The addition of Stetson's intense blares actually fit quite nicely here and add something new to the band's mix without compromising what already makes them great. Again, there isn't enough newness on this one to draw a larger audience, but enough to continuously appease their fans without any unnecessary retreads to their past work.

As The Love Continues is out February 19.

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