February 23, 2021

Dinosaur Jr. - "I Ran Away"

Dinosaur Jr. have announced their fifth album since reuniting as a trio thirteen years ago and shared the first single, "I Ran Away."

First impressions of this track might come across more like a J Masics solo number than a proper Dinosaur Jr. song. Acoustic guitar is front and center on this one and the track has more of a fried feel to it (no surprise that it features Kurt Vile on twelve-string guitar) and not so much the instant wail like Dinosaur's more classic numbers. However, as the minutes progress, the ooze seeps out of this one and the fiery squall rips its way out of the speakers like only Dinosaur Jr. can do. One of the most consistent groups continues to offer up more classic sounding material that still keeps listeners eager for more. This is a matured Dinosaur Jr and "I Ran Away" is a bit more reserved than other lead singles from past albums. Still, it's that always familiar guitar solo that inevitably finds its way into their songs that really pulls the listener in and affirms what real fans have always known, even on the quiet songs, Dinosaur will still find that electric surge that blasts them above the rest.

Sweep It Into Space is out April 23 via Jagjaguwar.

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