February 19, 2021

Matt Berninger - "Let It Be"

The lead singer of The National returns with a new song from the sessions that gave us last year's Serpentine Prison.

In March, Matt Berninger will release a deluxe edition of his debut solo record that will include a few covers as well as a few more originals. "Let It Be" is not a Beatles cover, but rather one of the leftover originals now seeing its debut. It's a soft, sepia-toned acoustic ballad that hits with some heartland synths and harmonica giving it a classic Americana feel. It's simply stated, but still strikes a nerve as his bellowing voice is met with rather somber instrumentation. The National has become such a fixture of modern indie-rock over the past fifteen years, with an outpouring of solid albums that consistently hit a groove. On this one, Berninger's voice brings that constant into the mix for another gold-standard.

The deluxe edition of Serpentine Prison is out March 12.

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