October 22, 2020

Arlo Parks - "Green Eyes"

This coming January, Arlo Parks will release her debut album entitled Collapsed in Sunbeams. The latest single, featuring Clairo, is out now and not something to miss.

Over a steady beat, plinking guitars, and lush backing vocals, Arlo Parks makes a bold statement on her latest track, "Green Eyes." It's a song about self discovery, expression, and learning to love yourself. A motivational, uplifting number Parks delivers a soulful message over a defiant groove. “Some of these folks want to make you cry, but you gotta trust how you feel inside” she sings. It's an empowering message and a grand statement on the importance of having pride in your identity and being who you are in the world. It's a wonderful introduction and a hopeful hint at what's to come.

Collapsed in Sunbeams is out January 29.

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