October 28, 2020

Adrianne Lenker - "zombie girl"

Adrianne Lenker's latest release, songs / instrumentals, is technically two records, but really feel like one definitive statement. "zombie girl" is one of the experience's highlights.

On songs, Adrianne Lenker is at her most intimate. The way her fingers brush across the strings add just as much to the tracks as the gentle plucking and it's clear that every bit of it is intentional, whether or not they were part of the writing process. "zombie girl" is the highlight on the back-half of the album and follows "anything" as one of the highlights on the record. Her words feel deeply personal here as she invites the world in to discover her reality. Written in the aftermath of a break-up, the lyrics on "zombie girl" allow the listener to go through the emotions directly with Lenker. Her vulnerability at an all-time high, she draws in her feelings and examines them rather than pushing them away. She is direct and honest in what she's experiencing, allowing us all to, in a sense, grieve with her. Something we all probably need right now.

songs and instrumentals are out now via 4AD.

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