August 29, 2020

Kelly Lee Owens - "Wake Up"


Yesterday, Kelly Lee Owens released her excellent sophomore record Inner Song. The closing track "Wake Up" is a stunning finisher worthy of your attention.

The latest from Kelly Lee Owens is a sparkling, meditative record that balances brilliant ambient soundscapes with glowing electronic beats that create a cosmically captivating mindset and a real auditory treasure. Dream-pop sensations meet crystalline synths for pure bliss as techno flourishes also find their way into the grooves. This record slowly reveals its true beauty over cinematic songs, each baring celestial moods which peak several times over the course of the album before culminating in the exquisite "Wake Up." As the song title suggests, this vibrant gem of a record is not one to be slept on. Wake up and find yourself immersed in its trance.

Inner Song is out now via Smalltown Supersound.

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