August 4, 2020

Fabiana Palladino - "Waiting"

Jai Paul and A.K. Paul have returned to share an EP called Summer 2020, a collection of tracks from their Paul Institute collective including this banger from Fabiana Palladino.

In addition to A.K. Paul's recent single "Be Honest" the standout track is Fabiana Palladino's flourishing "Waiting." It's an immediate highlight that recalls the synth-funk of the 80s, but unequivocally fresh and begged to be played on blast at all the house parties we wish we were attending. In a statement, Palladino said “I wrote 'Waiting' a few years back. I was playing my old Teisco shark-fin guitar a lot and wanted to write my own version of a new-wave guitar tune. I was listening to Joe Jackson, Squeeze, early Police… and then I heard ‘When You Were Mine’ by Prince – a perfect mix of that new-wave sound with the funk he brought to it. Prince’s song is about a love triangle but mine is from the perspective of a broken android left behind in a destroyed city. She’s sick of waiting for her human lover to come back for her. She’s the voice of my own real-life frustrations with that feeling of endlessly waiting for things, both mundane & extraordinary, to happen…  for work to pick up, for boys to text back, for life to start!”

Summer 2020 is out now!

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