August 3, 2020

Bill Callahan - "Let's Move to the Country"

Bill Callahan is set to release his new album, Gold Record, on September 4 and is sharing a new song each week until its release date. Today, he's shared a new take on his Smog classic "Let's Move to the Country."

For the past twenty-five years, Bill Callahan has been one of the most impressive and consistent American songwriters, releasing stunning album after stunning album without ever changing up his hallmark sound. A lyrical genius, his sparse accompaniments really let his words speak for themselves, but that is not to understate his remarkable arrangements. You always seem to know what you're going to get with one of his records and yet each new release still feels enchanting. As he approaches his latest album, he's spent the past five weeks sharing a new track from the album and today has yielded a new version of a song from his Smog days and its reinvention feels minimal, yet still significant. He breathes new life into this classic making it feel brand new again. His consistency never ceases to amaze and his voice a steadfast reminder that beauty exists and resurfaces just when we need it the most.

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