August 5, 2020

Widowspeak - "Even True Love"

Widowspeak have shared "Even True Love," the fourth single from their upcoming record, Plum, due August 28 via Captured Tracks.

The delicate balance of dream-pop and incandescent folk has never felt as accomplished as it does on the recent tracks from Widowspeak and "Even True Love" captures their spirit in its purest form. Lush guitar strokes evoke majestic and tranquil melodies that are anchored by Molly Hamilton's graceful vocals and the band's sound feels fully formed and perhaps their strongest work to date. From their debut, they've kept their sound simple and lo-fi production kept the intimate glow alive on record, but now they've matured into a something that has fully blossomed, exposing their true beauty. From their label, the band said: "maybe because they only live once, humans tend to want to possess things: objects, success, money, experiences, people. True Love. I think this one is more about being present with the unknown, letting things go a little more, trying not to hold on too tight."

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