June 15, 2020

Shamir - "On My Own"

Shamir has shared a new song called "On My Own" from an upcoming, untitled record, due later this year.

Following the release of his album Cataclysm earlier this year, Shamir has plans to release another record before 2021. "On My Own" is the first track from the forthcoming album and it's an anthem for introverts. The dance floor pop sensibilities are refurbished here and there is a rock flair that keeps the song from feeling stale, but while the groove is prominent, it's the lyrics that count on this one. Finding a sense of belonging is never easy and recent times have made it all the more challenging, but on this track, Shamir, challenges you to find belonging in yourself and making that the focus. "And I feel it in my bones / Inside myself is where I belong, long, long, long / Maybe I don't care anymore / And that can be the truth / But I'm not gonna try anymore / To fall in love with you, 'cause / I don't mind to live all on my own / And I don't care to feel like I belong / But you always did and / I don't mind to live all on my own / And I never did." Love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, everything else comes after that, but nothing is as important as loving yourself.

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