June 12, 2020

Neil Young - "Vacancy"

Neil Young's "lost" album Homegrown is still on track to be released June 19, years after being a shelved. A week before its expected release, Neil has shared another "new" track from the record.

Following the country-waltz style of "Try," the newest offering from the highly anticipated album is "Vacancy," a proper rock song that falls inline with his work through the Ditch Period (also recorded around this time) and is a hallmark to Neil's golden run of the mid 70s. It easily could fit amongst his best work on Tonight's the Night or On the Beach and there is a strong resemblance to "Revolution Blues," "Time Fades Away" and "Last Dance" on this one. It immediately feels like a classic that his been part of his repertoire for decades, but also a refreshing new track that only adds to his legacy. Hearing this song truly feels like unearthing a gem and is another stunning example of Young's songwriting which was at its highest peak during this time. It's hard to imagine just how he kept this in the vaults for so long and how many other treasures just like it still exist, waiting to one day be released.

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