June 20, 2020

Beyoncé - "BLACK PARADE"

Leave it to Queen Bey to throw down the mic at the last minute and cement today as a major milestone in this new Civil Rights Movement.

Adhering to no rules or standards, Beyoncé returns with a triumphant track that puts her rap skills back on display. It's a certifiable banger even without an immediate chorus or hook and as something that feels like a stand alone a bit more than an album cut, the production and delivery taking on their own initiatives and pay off tremendously. This isn't a pop song and actually feels like a cut from a mixtape, inline with when she dropped "Bow Down," but in a new light and more like a finished product. That being said, there are PLENTY of choice lyrics which I cannot wait to see flood the internet in the coming days. Personal favorites include "Put your fists up in the air, show black love (Show black love)" and "Hear 'em swarmin', right? (Zz) Bees is known to bite (Zz, zz)." While it may not be the epic jam many want, it's still an impressive statement and the timing couldn't be more perfect.There is no equivalent to this in music because equivalent isn't needed, Beyoncé dropping a new song on the most widely celebrated Juneteenth in American History is a BIG DEAL. Bow down to the Queen.

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