May 27, 2020

Widowspeak - "Breadwinner"

Dream-folk group Widowspeak are back with their first new song in three years, "Breadwinner."

The soft, meditative track from the group leans far more into the dream-pop spectrum than their gauzy, light-spirited folk and it's easily one of their gentler and ethereal tracks. Molly Hamilton's vocals feel as tender as ever, her breathy coo an essential balm and immediate release from the harshness of present day. "It's a song about work" the band wrote on Twitter as they announced the new single and while the lyrics are an existential call-to-arms in a sense of a what does it all mean kinda way, reflecting what many of us have experienced over the past few months. “Is this how you measure time? Vacations you can’t take/ Is this how you count the hours? The ones when you’re awake/ O, met a man who never worked/ O, you and I will always work” croons Hamilton over breezy, comforting guitar strokes. This is Widowspeak at their most honest, earnest, and downright intimate. A wonderful return just when we need them the most.

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