May 21, 2020

Haim - "Don't Wanna"

Haim have shared yet another new track ahead of their slightly delayed, but highly anticipated new record which is now due in June.

At times, Haim seem too good to be true. Three incredibly talented singers, songwriters, and musicians who happen to all be sisters and live together in a house (a la how I dreamed the Beatles living while I repeatedly watched Help! as a child) churning out wonderful pop songs at an even clip. Sure there can be some long stretches between their albums, but the results are well worth the wait and their third record is shaping up to be no different. By now, we've heard five of the albums tracks and not one of them is a dud. "Don't Wanna" is the latest in the string of singles and keeps their course on target. A slow build gives way to a wonderful breakdown that combusts with 80s synths as it closes, once again signaling at not only their ability to write a catchy chorus, but continues to expand on their skills as songwriters. Too good to be true has turned into too good to fail.

Women in Music Pt. III is out June 26 via Columbia.

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