May 12, 2020

The Beths - "I'm Not Getting Excited"

Hear another new single from The Beths ahead of their new album, Jump Rope Gazers, out this summer via Car Park.

"I'm Not Getting Excited" is yet another propulsive anthem from the New Zealand band that feels charged up and ready to explode. The track captures the blissful intensity of the power-pop quartet and harnesses their electric, amped-up energy that is bursting at the seams throughout the track. Revved-up and ready to go, the band waste no time packing in all the basics needed for a rock and roll thriller in just under three minutes. Big riffs, bright choruses, a tightly locked rhythm, and a lightning fast guitar solo all find their way into the song. If anything, the song seems to end a bit too soon, just as the hype gets going. Still, two tracks in and it seems clear that Jump Rose Gazers will be a fiery record and a wonderful follow-up to the band's promising debut.

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