May 4, 2020

Ka - "Solitude of Enoch"

Brownsville rapper and veteran FDNY captain Ka has released a new record, Descendants of Cain. The first single is called "Solitude of Enoch" and the record hits streaming services on May 7.

Ka is elusive. His work exists online in minimal fashion and without excessive flash. His website is an about me and a list of his releases for sale. No promotions, no show listings. His music is dark, eerie, and calculating. His words are carefully constructed and arranged over beats that provoke deep thought, probing the listener to actively listen to every line in his songs. He raps with fire, but his verses are slow and meditative and he spits his rhymes with an even flow. There are elements that always take me back to GZA's Liquid Swords and the production values on this track keep those feelings alive. A psychedelic guitar riff swirls slowly in the background, but the MC and his words are always front and center, pristinely sharpened into focus.

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