February 24, 2020

Real Estate - "The Main Thing"

New Jersey's Real Estate are set to release their next record this coming Friday (February 28) and today they've shared the album's title track, "The Main Thing."

According to lead singer Martin Courtney:

"'The Main Thing' is my attempt at writing an inspirational anthem for anyone who’s ever been in an existential crisis... specifically, me.

I was asking myself a lot of uncomfortable questions throughout the process of making this album. Wondering if being an artist is irresponsible or selfish, particularly with the world in the state that it’s in, particularly as a parent of young kids. This was the last song I wrote for this album, and I think it kind of distills where I found myself at the end of what turned out to be a long and extremely rewarding process: psyched on the power of music, for real!

The lyrics in this song are sort of tongue in cheek, but the sentiment is very real. Basically... when life gets tough, when the stresses start piling up, when you start second guessing every decision you’ve made, what do you do? You double down on the thing that makes you happy, the thing that feeds your soul.

It might be corny to say, but it really is important to be true to who you are and do what you believe in, whatever that may be."

The Main Thing is the fifth album by Real Estate and arrives February 28 via Domino.

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