November 2, 2019

Frank Ocean - "In My Room"

Frank Ocean has shared another new song, his second of 2019. It's called "In My Room" and it follows "DHL" as his first new material since 2017.

While the wait for a follow-up to Blonde feels like it has no end in sight, it's comforting to know that Frank Ocean is still staying active in the studio. He released a string of singles in the year following Blonde's release and last year we got a breathtaking cover of "Moon River" which was used phenomenally in the mini-series When They See Us. Now he's popped up again with last month's "DHL" and today he's back with "In My Room." Nothing here feels immediate or that another record could be imminent, but it's refreshing to hear him staying active and dropping little gems without warning. Even though he has commented that a new record is in the making and it's influenced by Detroit techno, these tracks indicate that they're from another recording session all together. Either way, new music from Frank Ocean is always worth discussing and celebrating.

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