November 18, 2019

Haim - "Hallelujah"

Haim are back with their third single of 2019. "Hallelujah" is another somber jam, but one that finds them at their sharpest and most direct.

Haim were once known for inescapable pop bangers that were sure to get your feet moving and the party started. However, these days they're a bit older, more matured, and a bit more experienced with the uncertainties and unfortunate tragedies that come with life. Over a string of singles that started this summer, the sisters have turned their turmoil into pop gems that are riddled with emotions, but also messages for those also struggling. On "Hallelujah," they sing about the loss of loved ones and friends and put their vulnerability front and center over an instantly recognizable acoustic guitar riff. It's a bold, bare song, full of pain but still the center of attention. Haim aren't hiding here, instead they're putting themselves out there to show that they're human and no matter the level of fame, everyone falls on hardship. We all just need a little help to make it through.

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