November 16, 2019

Andy Stott - "Versi"

Andy Stott has made a surprise, late entry in the best of the year game with his double EP, It Should Be Us which dropped just over a week ago.

Andy Stott's dub techno has been a dark and mysterious force in electronic music for several years and while his past work has been more on the dark, hazy side of club music, It Should Be Us turns up the BPMs and embraces the dance floor. Sharing bills in the past with noise and metal artists, Stott is not your usual man behind the decks, blasting music that is ready to see hands in the air and feet on the floor, but his latest release is the closest he's come to rave music. It's still got the classic feel and sharp edges of his past, but for now he's feeling more comfortable with a groove. "Versi" is the last track on the double EP and one of his most straightforward and accessible tracks to date. According to his label Modern Love, “There’ll be a new Andy Stott album in 2020, but in the meantime… this one’s for dancing.”

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