July 16, 2019

Wilco - "Love is Everywhere (Beware)"

The legendary Chicago band Wilco has announced their eleventh studio album. It's called Ode to Joy and it's out October 4.

In the three years since the last Wilco album, Jeff Tweedy has written an excellent memoir and released two great solo records. Now he's brought his band back together and the result is more of what you've come to expect and still a pleasant return to form. A gentle acoustic strum kicks off the track as a drum roll leads into a splendid electric riff. His vocals are a bit buried in the mix on this one, letting the full band take the spotlight. In the times since we last heard from the group, the country has felt toxic and full of hate, so Tweedy's remind that "love is everywhere" is a nice reprise from someone you've known for a while but haven't caught-up with in a long time. It's nothing new from these icons, but hopefully another excellent chapter in their wonderful discography. It's like the return of an old friend back to tell the same stories you've heard so many times, but with a slightly new twist.

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