June 14, 2019

Burial - "Claustro"

Burial has shared a new EP called Claustro / State Forest which features two tracks of the same name. After premiering "Claustro" on the BBC last month, he has shared the song as well as the secong track, "State Forest," on streaming services.

"Claustro" is a hard hitting track that sees Burial returning to some of his more classic sounds and further from the atmospheric mood he has been touching up on more recent tracks (listen to "State Forest" if you're looking for more of that). A clip of static, a distant crackle, then those skittering drums kick-in just before a ghostly vocal sample swarms the track. The BPMs are charged up and this one sounds ready for the club. It's dark, fast, and full of energy that recalls some of Burial's best work from Untrue. Elements of classic dub and break-beat techno morph together for a sound that feels uniquely Burial.

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