May 17, 2019

The Raconteurs - "Help Me Stranger"

The Raconteurs have shared the a new track called "Help Me Stranger" from their forthcoming record, Help Us Stranger, out June 21.

Following last year's singles, "Sunday Driver" and "Now That You're Gone," The Raconteurs are back with their first record in eleven years. The first taste of original material from the album still sounds like classic Raconteurs with Jack White and Brendan Benson exchanging lead vocal duties as electric blues guitar riffs light up the track. It's a tight groove that already feels like a worn-in number that's been kicked around for years, highlighting the band's skill of making fresh tunes sound instantly familiar and classic. As more and more rock bands fade away, The Raconteurs have come roaring back with killer chops, blazing riffs, and proving that they are ready to light a fuse to take them back to the top.

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