May 25, 2019

Four Tet played the Knockdown Center

Electronic mastermind Four Tet dropped a heavy set at Queen's Knockdown Center on Friday night bringing pulsing beats and rave ready hits to a massive crowd.

Four Tet doesn't come around all too often, but when he does, he brings the heat and always leaves a mark on his crowd. Friday night's late-night set in Queens was a much larger show than his intimate residency at National Sawdust a while back, but the energy was electric and Four Tet brought out classic rave music to fill the style and vibes of the venue. Maximizing the cavernous space that is the Knockdown Center, Four Tet expertly mixed his IDM tendencies with House and classic Techno to give way to a larger than life sound. His set was fresh and choppy, with skittering percussion undercutting twinkling melodies that would suddenly erupt into massive waves of sound that pulsated throughout the crowd. He dropped a thoroughly ecstatic version of "Only Human" that saw the crowd glow with euphoria and brought the night to its peak. His particular blend of Garage still recalls Dubstep vibes from the mid and late-2000s and matched with his ability to make the floor drop makes him one of the most enthralling electronic performers in the game. Like always, his stage set-up also made for an enhanced performance as steel rods made of LED lights and heavy fog added new elements to the set to accompany the crowd on their journey through his blitzkrieg of a set. His pacing was perfect and matched the energy of the crowd throughout the duration of the night, never once letting anything drag on or make too dramatic of a shift between styles. It's a rather rare opportunity to see such a legend pull off something so special and great, but Four Tet delivered on all levels proving his status as one of the most consistent masters of the craft and a true, all-time great.

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