May 31, 2018

Leon Bridges - "Beyond"

Earlier this year, Leon Bridges dropped his great new album, Good Thing. Today, he shared the video for the album highlight "Beyond."

On his debut record, Coming Home, Leon Bridges made an instant classic of retro, soul-pop that felt instantly nostalgic while still fresh and full of wonder. Three years later on his follow-up album, Good Thing, Bridges continues to accentuate that soulful style that made his debut record such a joy while also giving his tunes a little bump of retro-futurism. "Beyond" is the album's stellar stand-out track (it was also recently featured in the excellent HBO documentary series Being Serena) and adds another stunning number to his catalogue. It's a breezy track that radiates passion. It's innocent and wholesome, but with a certain sparkle that makes it shine like everything and beyond.

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