April 19, 2018

Mazzy Star - "Quiet, the Winter Harbor"

The ever elegant Mazzy Star have announced Still, a new EP. It's their first batch of new music since their great reunion album, Seasons of Your Day, and it's out June 1.

"Quiet, the Winter Harbor" is the lead single and first offering from the band since 2014. A delicate ballad, the song's grand intro lingers with Hope Sandoval's haunting vocal dancing around an isolated piano for well-beyond a minute before taking full shape in a whirl of woozy guitar. It's a slow track even by their standards and one that finds the band taking a slightly different approach before releasing their emblematic, gauzy dream-pop sound that they've come to perfect like no one else. As the piano gives way to the warm guitar tones, it's a comforting and gentle reminder of just how melancholic their sound still feels. A balm that instills a sense of ease and something that seems to still come so natural to this band. These days, a new release from Mazzy Star still feels like a gift and once again the band has delivered something special, a time capsule back to another point in life. A spark of nostalgia just when the present feels all too real.

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