February 6, 2017

Julie Byrne - "Sleepwalker"

Julie Byrne released her latest album, Not Even Happiness, on January 13th via Ba Da Bing records. It's an elegant, soaring record and it exemplifies beauty in every moment.

Perhaps it is easiest to say that Byrne is a folk companion in the same cosmic realm as Julianna Barwick and Julia Holter (maybe it's a J-name thing). Her newest record is sweeping, grand, interstellar, and down right gorgeous. Her ability to add delicate layers of harmonica, steady drums, and swirling electronic textures below her striking guitar picking is healing and calming. Her music is endearing, spiritual, and elegant all in a time where it seems to matter most. She speaks of the earth and the simplicity of life, but with a sense of grandiose wonder. "Sleepwalker" seems to be the immediate standout on an early hallmark record of the year, her voice pristine, pure, clear, and confident, ready to take on the world. Her songs take us on journeys that she so eloquently portrays in both voice and sound and signifies a potential new, esteemed voice in the cannon of American Folk. Where ever she takes us, I'll be sure to follow.

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