February 11, 2017

The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Always Sad"

The Jesus and Mary Chain are set to release their first album in 18 years. The new record is called Damage and Joy and it's out March 24th. Hear their latest single, "Always Sad", after the jump.

When your debut is as classic as the JAMC's iconic Psychocandy, any follow-up will always be judged rather harshly (just ask the Strokes). Still, the band continued to persevere through the 80s with a few more great records before fizzling out in the 90s. When they reunited in the late aughts and then continued to tour (including playing Psychocandy in full!!), many wondered when the reunion album would finally come. "Always Sad" feels instantly nostalgic to the band's glory days, more so than the lukewarm "Amputation", and gives hope that the record could fall more inline with their brethren Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine. The track is classic to their roots, a simple drum beat, guitar fuzz, and a great duet on vocals. In some ways, the track begs the question as to whether the band is just poking fun at themselves, "I think I'm always gonna be sad" feels a bit like a self inflicted joke. It's a song that puts them more inline with their fans and acknowledges their age rather than shooting for the moon and eyeing a final knock-out of an album. It's a welcomed return even if it's not something fans may have needed.

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