November 27, 2023

Real Estate - "Water Underground"

Indie rockers Real Estate have announced their sixth album and shared the lead single, "Water Underground."

When Real Estate played the opening weekend of New York's new venue Racket NYC last January, they played some new songs and said they'd been at work on a new album. Well, that record has now officially been announced. It's called Daniel and it's out in Feburary 2024. Along with the album announcement, the band shared the lead single "Water Underground." It's your standard Real Estate song with lush acoustic guitars, breezy melodies, and easy, meandering rhythms that make it a pleasing listen like much of their best work. "This song is about writing songs," frontman and lyricist Martin Courtney said. "I think 'Water Underground' is like the unconscious, the mysterious part of your brain where creativity comes from. The constant flow of music in the back of your head. You get an idea while driving or walking the dog or something and you want to hold on to it." For the track's video, Real Estate called up fellow New Jersey native Danny Tamerelli and his The Adventures of Pete and Pete cast mate Michael C. Maronna to star and it was a bit of a homecoming celebration as Tamberelli stated that they all had known each other since high school days and as Real Estate band members Courtney, Alex Bleecker, and Julian Lynch grew up in the neighboring town of Ridgewood and had been friends with Tamberelli's friend's siblings. "New Jersey roots are hard to break," Tamberelli said, and if there's any band that has been willing to prove it over the years, Real Estate take the cake.

Daniel is out February 23.

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