November 1, 2023

Sharon Van Etten - "Close to You"

Sharon Van Etten has shared a one-off single from the upcoming television show Buccaneers and it was co-written by Courtney Barnett.

It's been about a year and a half since Sharon Van Etten released her excellent album We've Been Going About This All Wrong and while we await a follow-up, she's returned today with a new song that is set to appear on the soundtrack to the AppleTV show Buccaneers. The song was written alongside Courtney Barnett (can we get that double-headlining tour next?) and it's a slow and steady number that features Van Etten's haunting vocals at its heart. There's a glow to her voice that shines with stellar, yet composed power as the song marches forward, spindling guitar working its way into the tune like a spiderweb while the consistent percussion keeps the beat of the song firmly in place. It's the predictably engaging song that slowly builds and Sharon's voice blossoms over the five minute run time and it's easy to imagine this fitting in nicely on last year's album. Just before the two-minute mark, a twanging hollowed-out guitar solo strikes in slow motion adding tension and texture to the track before it swirls back into a hazy swirl. The guitar reappears on the back half of the song, bookending the track with rich, full structure before blissfully fading into the ether.

The soundtrack to The Buccaneers is out November 8.

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