November 9, 2023

MUNYA played Baby's All Right

Following the release of her great new album Jardin, MUNYA came to Brooklyn's Baby's All Right to bring her soft disco vibes to life.

Backed by members of the band Vansire, MUNYA took to the stage at Baby's All Right a little behind schedule, but brought her warm, glowing tunes to the packed venue and slowly drifted into faded, dusty French pop that blended neon hues with a sparkling charm. Lush synths added a glistening tone to her lovely and light pop songs as her cooing vocals made for delectable vibes that basked in dreamy melodies and simple grooves. "Hello Hi" was a perfect way to begin the night with its twinkling rhythms and saturated sounds giving the crowd a smooth start to the show as she found her flow of intimate, soft beats and began to ease into her return to the stage. "This is my first show in a year" she told the crowd and while there were some minor technical difficulties, it was a blissful reintroduction to her live show that made for a breezy night full of pastel haze and infinite bubbles. Her cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" was transformed and reshaped to fit her disco-lite style and got the crowd moving to its undeniable vibe. "Koko" was the highlight of the night, bringing the most energy and upping the BPMs which accentuated the pacing of the night and made things come alive in full technicolor splendor. "Once Again" and "Un Deux Trois" continued to elevate the night, enhancing the funk and boosting the details of her band which had the crowd dancing to the effortless, irresistible charm. The entire night was bathed in a wistful, ethereal glow which at times felt perhaps a bit too chill and left a little more to be desired, but the joy expressed from the stage was enough to radiate back to the crowd and as she engaged over the course of the night, it was clear that the love and connection with the audience was real. Someone even called out her beloved dog BoJackson which was a tender and sweet moment that fit the comfort of her tracks and the intimacy of her music. The encore was a solo affair that revealed her true vision behind the project, her drum machine, synth, and guitar taking the place of her backing band and giving her the spotlight to stand alone and relish in her creation. 

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