November 30, 2023

Ducks Ltd. - "Hollowed Out"

Toronto's Ducks Ltd. will release their sophomore record, Harm's Way, in February and today they shared a new song, "Hollowed Out."

Following their recent track, the buoyant "The Main Thing," jangle-pop group Ducks Ltd. are back with another glowing tune called "Hollowed Out" and both tracks will appear on the band's upcoming sophomore album, Harm's Way. A bit more serene than their previous single, the song meanders over woozy guitars and gentle harmonies that make for a soothing sound of bright guitars. When speaking on the song, lead vocalist Tom Mcgreevy shared:

There was a sinkhole that opened up on Dundas West a little while ago, in an area near to where I live. It shut down the road for a month. It had a strange resonance, partly because a lot of the streets in Toronto used to be rivers and streams running down to the lake that roads were then built over. It felt like an encroachment of nature into an urban environment–the river coming back to collapse a piece of civic infrastructure, and I built the song around the feeling that evoked. It’s about living with decline. About the feeling that the horizon of possibility in the world is forever being drawn in to align with the edges of the imaginations of a small group of careless rich people. And about existing through a state of ongoing catastrophe over which we have no control.

Featuring a running list of guests, the duo has honed in on their jangling rock and roll while focusing their themes on societal decay and collapse. For moods that can be rather dire, the pair of Mcgreevy and Evan Lewis turn them into shimmering sparkles of pop joy.

Harms' Way is out February 9.

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