December 1, 2023

Beyoncé - "MY HOUSE"

The closing credits of Beyoncé's concert film Renaissance features a new single, "MY HOUSE."

Since this spring, Beyoncé has been conquering Europe and the United States with her electrifying, dazzling, and chromed-out sensation which is the Renaissance world tour. Now, she's captured it all for an elaborate concert film and as the credits roll, she adds a surprise, the electro-clash stomping "MY HOUSE," a certifiable banger that goes harder than anything the Queen has done before channeling drumline beats and marches which she first showcased on Homecoming before mixing it into a total house music barnstormer. She raps with a vengeance proving she's only getting more confident in that skill as well, but firmly roots the song as an added bonus to the sounds she explored on her latest masterpiece. “But I'll never expect you to love me / When you don't love yourself” she declares, loosely quoting the iconic RuPaul and again paying tribute to the queer culture that inspired her and which she's incorporated into her music and brought to life onstage in celebratory ways most never would've dreamed of. It's yet another one-off that does more than most artists main think pieces and it revels in its excellence.

Renaissance is in theatres now.

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